Aug 6

At 5 :00 on Aug 5 there will be a special service to celebrate the Feast of our Lords Transfiguration. Please join us.

After service discussion group will meet for session 2 of Present over Perfect.. stay and see the video with us and join the discussion.


Join us in church’s office tonight at 6:30 for the beginning discussions on Present over Perfect. Come even if you haven’t  read the book yet. Think you will like it☹️

Take a Tote

Even if School is out, now is the time for us to stock up on needed food items for coming school year. If you need a list of items needed, please talk with Barbara Ashworth or Janet Cummings or check list in church Hall. Remember: no peanut items and please check expiration dates..

Bishop Curry’s message

Message from Convention from our Presiding Bishop


Still time to get Present over a Perfect and read before discussion group meets on July 16th at 6:30. You will need work book  too. Both can be got from Amazon. Talk with Sharon Monroe if you have questions.


Goodby to Rev Kevin

Summertime is vacation time.   Audrey will be away in Vermont for a good portion of the summer so please email her at with questions or concerns.  For pastoral emergencies call Celeste at 603-496-8160.

Pastoral care when you need it: Believe it or not, clergy are often the last to know if you or a loved one needs a call or a prayer.  Hospitals are no longer allowed to notify churches if someone has been admitted, and many church members hesitate to contact clergy when they hear of someone who might benefit from clergy attention.  So don’t assume that telling one member of the church means I’ll know about an important event in your life.  If you’re a little shy about contacting me directly, be sure to ask someone else to let me know.  And if someone tells you about a situation I might be able to help with, be sure to ask that person if they would like you to put me in touch.  Your, pastor, Celeste+

Sunday Parking: The vestry is asking you to keep the church driveway free for dropping off and picking up people who need a little help walking to the church.  We are asking an usher to be on hand to assist anyone being dropped off so the driver can park the car elsewhere.  A clear driveway will also improve access by emergency vehicles, if necessary.  Along the same lines, please avoid parking in the area in front of the church sign and mailbox, so that drivers who have trouble walking can use those spaces.



Beginning Tuesday, June 26th, Grace Church will offer a short weekly service of Morning Prayer at 8 AM.  Morning Prayer is part of what is called the “Daily Office.”  The Daily Office is a collection of bible readings, prayers, biblical poems, and intercessions based on the ancient practice of religious communities.  The Book of Common Prayer includes the office for the use of all people, not just clergy.  It is considered the heart of Anglican spirituality.  Through daily recommended readings, the Daily Office is a good way to become familiar with the whole bible. I have always found that praying the Office with others is a wonderful experience of community.  I hope you can join me in this service.  Celeste+

At a glance

9:30-10:30am Summer Service Hours

30 Eastman Street
Concord, NH 03301

(603) 224-2252
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The Rev. Celeste Hemingson, Interim Priest

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Support our ministry to feed local hungry schoolchildren! Each tote bag is filled with food and lasts a weekend. Each bag costs about $10.00 to fill.

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