Take-a-Tote Needs

Tuna fish pouches are included in each tote. These come in two sizes, but we prefer to use the smaller one (2.6 oz.). “To Go” cups of tuna, two in a package, are also acceptable. We’ll finish filling the 50 totes for delivery this week.  Interested in learning how to stock the shelves? Speak with Janet Cumming or Barb Ashworth.

ChIPS: Children of Incarcerated Parents

Christmas comes to children of incarcerated parents every year with your help: you and sponsors like you who donate gifts and funds to make it happen! Both the families and the incarcerated parents themselves are deeply grateful for the opportunity that the ChIPs program affords them.

Once the presents are sorted, they’re brought to the prisons, and the inmates get the chance to choose one gift for each child on their list. Usually the inmate is a parent and sometimes a grandparent. Sometimes even a big brother or sister.

Children of prison inmates live lonely lives. It’s easy to believe that a parent you never see doesn’t care. Inmates also find themselves isolated and abandoned, unable to provide for or be a part of their families. Being able to give their children a Christmas gift gives inmates an opportunity for connection and a sliver of normalcy in their families.

Studies show that parolees are significantly more likely to integrate back into society if they maintain relationships with their families. ChIPs creates positive experiences on which to build a foundation for those relationships.

At the Men’s Prison in Concord, once the gift is chosen, volunteers wrap it. The prison then throws a party! The family visits, and the inmates are able to give presents to their children. The ChIPs program also includes an age-appropriate book to go with each gift, helping to promote literacy within this underprivileged population.

There are many ways you can help:

  1. Purchase a gift or contribute $20. (Make checks out to Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire with the memo ChIPS.)
  2. Volunteer to collect gifts and serve as your parish’s contact.
  3. Sort gifts a Blass Clubhouse at St. Paul’s School in mid-November
  4. Wrap gifts at the Men’s State Prison in Concord (Date TBD).

Deadline: Sunday, November 1

Contact (information or volunteering) Maggie Ciancio, (603) 432-7679, maggie.ciancio@gmail.com

Take-a-Tote Needs

Please shop for packages of cheese-filled crackers. Austin, Keebler and Ritz all sell wrapped cracker sandwiches in packages of 8. Larger boxes by Austin are available at Sam’s Club. Always check food labels (no peanut products).

October 4: Saint Francis Day

Sunday morning at Grace:

8am Holy Eucharist

10am Holy Eucharist: Our first-ever first Sunday family worship service with children’s sermon! Kids: please bring stuffed animals or pictures of pets (pictures on your iPhone work)

12-2pm Youth Group to Apple Hill Orchard: we will pick apples and plan future events together

3-4:30pm Blessing of Animals at White Park in Concord–bring your live pets and animals!

There is a Balm: Pledge 2016

sheep-anointGod blesses lives by anointing them with oil. David was anointed to become king of Israel. The disciples anointed the sick with oil for healing. Even the name “Christ” means “Anointed,” set aside for God’s mission in the world.

In Baptism, we each are anointed with oil in the name of God. God heals us with his grace. Then we serve the world in God’s name, acting as God’s anointed people and truly living the name “Christian.”

Each year, we bring pledges of our finances to support God’s ministry here in Concord. God anoints those gifts, changing them from simple funds into agents of Christian healing. During 2015, your pledge gifts have:

  • Confirmed 5 youth after a year-long program
  • Sponsored deacon interns Shawn LaFrance and Pam McDonald
  • Brought Stevenson House new life as the Assisi House mission center

Grace Episcopal Church continues to grow and we must match a larger congregation with more ministries. In 2016, we invite your pledge to provide programs both to our members and the world.

In October, you will receive an invitation to attend a Cottage Meeting with a small group of parishioners. Our Rector and Vestry want to share their dreams for our future and to hear your dreams as we plan together.

Please participate, pray and plan as you consider how you can help sustain Grace Episcopal Church with your 2016 pledge. Complete and return the pledge certificate below on Sunday, November 15.

Download the 2016 Pledge Certificate (PDF)

Take-a-Tote Needs

Our shelves are low on Nutrigrain bars, fruit rollups, or similar snacks (no nuts). Our first delivery is tentatively set for Oct. 8.

If you want to know how to fill totes, come to the back room next Sunday for training. New and seasoned volunteers may sign up on the Bulletin Board to take turns helping. Thanks!