Rev. Celeste Hemingson

Rev. Celeste will be with us as the Parish search’s and finally calls a new rector, probably spring-early summer of 2019.

Rev. Shawn La France, Deacon

Shawn joined Grace following his ordination in the fall of 2017 and will assist the parish as we begin the process of calling a new rector.


Keith Belanger, Music Minister

keith-belangerKeith is a music director, vocal coach, singer, and accompanist, and is very happy to serve the Episcopal Church as a music minister. Keith was the organist and choir director at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Pittsfield for 10 years and was educated in music education at the University of New Hampshire. In addition to being the resident music director for the Majestic Theatre in Manchester, Keith works full time for Premier Coach of Vermont. He lives in Derry with his wife and 2 sons.


The Vestry meets on the third Sunday of each month at 11 a.m. They pray together and provide leadership and service for the church’s finances, ministries and  spiritual direction. Currently, its members and officers are:

  • Audrey Rose, Senior Warden
  • Joel Smith, Junior Warden
  • Sharon Billingsley, Treasurer
  • Linda MacDow, Clerk
  • Sharon Monroe
  • Linda Regan
  • Kathleen Rooney
  • Bill Carr

Vestry Expectations and Covenant Statement of Grace Episcopal Church:
As a member of the vestry, I am fully committed to the vision, mission and ministry of Christ through Grace Church. I understand that:
1. I commit myself to a discipline of worship, study and personal spiritual growth. I will be regular in my attendance at worship (present at least more Sundays than not). I will involve myself in some form of ongoing spiritual formation by regularly attending at least one class or small group.
2. Part of my spiritual formation is good stewardship of the resources God has given to me. I will make a timely pledge of financial support to my parish which reflects my commitment to God and to my parish.
3. The vestry is responsible for making sure we have the necessary funds to meet our parish’s mission and work. I will actively engage in raising the financial resources necessary for our mission and ministry in whatever ways are best suited for me and most effectively serve the purposes of Christ at Grace Church.
4. I take responsibility to be engaged with my church– our mission and ministry and our vision for the future. This includes attending special functions and feast day liturgies when possible and reading all church publications and mailings.
5. I will support the staff and volunteers, encouraging them to grow professionally and personally. I will be prepared to assist them in any appropriate ways.
6. I will be an enthusiastic booster, a positive advocate for the parish. If I have concerns, I will raise them in an appropriate venue. I will seek to be a part of the solution for any problems that we face.
7. I will attend vestry meetings, unless excused, be available for phone consultation, and serve in at least one ministry.
8. With other vestry members I will make prayer part of all vestry meetings.
8. I will consider my service in the parish to be my one of my highest priorities after my family and my job/vocation.
9. I recognize that the vestry and rector are responsible for Grace’s future. I will participate in strategic planning and other means of planning and providing for our future.
In signing this document, I understand that every Vestry member makes a statement of faith to be a partner with every other Vestry member to strive for the success of Christ’s mission at Grace Church. We trust each other to carry out the above agreements to the best of our ability.

(Signature)___________________________________ Date ___________ Vestry

Convention Delegates

These delegates are elected annually to represent our members at the diocesan (state-wide) Fall Convention where they vote on budget and policy decisions. This year, our delegates are:

  • Audrey Rose
  • Chris Potter
  • George Swenson
  • Joe Rose, alternate
  • Margaret Perry

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