Pledge 2017: Cast Your Line!

fishing-rodWhen Jesus called his disciples, he asked them to “cast a line” (Matt. 17:27) and see what fish God provided. Few of us are fishermen today, but Jesus’ calling is unchanged: he asks us to take a risk, to give generously, we are asked to “cast a line,” and see what blessings God provides.

Over the next few Sundays, you will learn more about the Cast Your Line theme as well as visions for our parish’s future, if our pledge giving increases. We asked several of our lay leaders to ask what new lines they could cast if only you provided them with the resources.

In 2017, we ask that your prayerfully consider how much you will give throughout the year.

Download the 2017 Pledge Certificate.

Download the 2017 Pledge Brochure.

Read the September 19 pledge letter.