Spirituality of Food: Wednesday, March 20, 6:00pm

The Rev. Charles LaFond, potter and former monk

Charles LaFond smallAs a potter in Webster, I made bowls that people use as an invitation to a simpler life. When eating a meal from a simple bowl, you are mindful of the taste, smell, heat. You reflect on other ways to simplify your life.

As a monk, I found that that people today are tormented to maintain a standard of living which exhausts them. They are often unhappy as they are over-stimulated, over-caffeinated, and over-scheduled. At the same time they are under-laughed, under-rested and under-silenced.

Simplicity of food is essential to simple living. When we eat fast food our bodies pay a high price. When we eat quickly we gain weight. Mindful eating means that we think about flavors and colors rather than shoveling down a meal between events or in front of a TV.

Mindful eating considers the truth that this planet could feed 8 billion people, and yet 1 billion do not eat enough to be healthy. Eating out of a simple bowl of any kind is a way to remind us that our food choices have an effect on the world. If Lent means anything it means that we consider our lives, how we live them and how we bless or hurt others so we can make changes.

Charity Dinner

Concord Female Charitable Society invites new members (women) and contributors (men) to aid its quiet, friendly benevolence.  Annual membership is $1 or life membership is $10.  The Annual Meeting and Turkey Dinner ($16) is at Heritage Heights, Barrows Center, Tue., April 9, 6pm.  Please contact Barb Ashworth or Janet Cumming for membership information or reservations.

Take-a-Tote volunteer needed

We need one delivery volunteer on Thursday mornings for 30 minutes every 5th week. Duties include meeting before 10am, loading plastic bins and driving to Mill Brook School. Unload bags, collect last week’s empty totes and return with the bins. Want to make a difference? Contact Barb Ashworth: 228-0073, email.

Holy Week 2013

These four Holy Week services allow each one of us to experience Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection personally. We do this by dramatic and prayerful re-enactments of the last week of his life. When you participate, you will walk the way of the Cross and deepen your personal faith and spirituality.

Palm Sunday, March 24, 8 & 10 am
Maundy Thursday, March 28, 7pm
Good Friday, March 29, 7pm
Easter Eve, March 30, 7pm