Holy Week 2013

These four Holy Week services allow each one of us to experience Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection personally. We do this by dramatic and prayerful re-enactments of the last week of his life. When you participate, you will walk the way of the Cross and deepen your personal faith and spirituality.

Palm Sunday, March 24, 8 & 10 am
Maundy Thursday, March 28, 7pm
Good Friday, March 29, 7pm
Easter Eve, March 30, 7pm


Spirituality of Food: Wednesday, March 13, 6:00pm

J. M. Hirsch, AP Food Editor and cookbook author


“Fitting real food and real cooking into really busy lives is no simple task. Most families struggle with this daily, too often giving up in the face of sometimes overwhelming frustrations and setbacks. But there is great value in finding balance between the chaos of modern family life and an appreciation of honest food cooked at home. It doesn’t require much time or energy. It just takes mindfulness.”

J. M. is the author of several cookbooks, including High Flavor, Low Labor. He will lead discussion on Wednesday night on preparing good, healthy food on a tight budget of time and money. He will also address how to engage your children in cooking and getting them out of the “McDonlad’s trap.”


Come and See kickoff and commitment

Yesterday our Sunday congregations kicked off our third annual “Come and See” program! In this program, individuals invite people they know to “come and see” Grace Episcopal Church on the invited persons choice of March 31, April 7 and April 14.

Last year, parishioner Joe invited Shelly to “come and see” at Easter. She did and became a regular worshiper, giver and volunteer at Grace Episcopal Church! This year, Joe told us what it was like to invited someone to church. Shelly shared her experience of what it was like to be invited and what it was like to come to this church for the first time.

Everyone on our parish mailing list will receive a commitment form to promise that they will invite someone they know during this time. The form is attached below if you did not receive it or have lost it. Please return this commitment by Sunday, March 10 so that we can pray for you and for those you will be inviting!

Download the Come and See Invitation commitment form! (PDF)

Spirituality of Food: Wednesday, February 20, 6:00pm

This week’s speaker: The Rev. Jason Wells, priest, Grace Episcopal Church

Jason's headWe know that eating food involves spirituality because it involves values. When we order a pizza instead of roasting a chicken, we acted on a value. When we choose organic food or a farmer’s market, we act on other values. Often unconsciously, we make our food choices with different values: how much money will we spend on it? How busy am I to cook and enjoy it? How does it impact the environment? Do I have concern for those who grew and harvested it?

Food also has deep religious meaning in every culture. Ancient Greek tabgha-mosaic-thumb12477207philosophers taught and debated at symposium meals. Jews tell the story of Passover by gathering for seder meals. Christians share in Christ’s presence by sharing bread and wine. The list goes on and on.

How do you make your eating choices? How do you find meaning in meals, daily or special? How does your faith or culture use food as a symbol of something deeper? Come, eat, learn, talk and discuss!