Vespers on Friday, March 24, 5:30pm

March 24, 5:30pm

This weekend is we celebrate the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel “announced” to Mary that she would conceive and bear Jesus, the Son of God.

Join us on Friday night for a service of Evening Prayer (p. 61 in the Book of Common Prayer). The service will include special music from John Harrington and George Lynch. See you there!

Ashes to Go 2017 – fourth annual!

Ash Wednesday (Wednesday, March 1, 2017) starts Lent, the period leading up to Easter. “Ashes to Go” are being offered by Grace Episcopal Church and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, serving the Concord area.

Ashes will be administered in Eagle Square, Main Street, Concord, from 12 pm–1:30pm, by the Rev. Kate Atkinson, Rector, St. Paul’s Church, Concord, the Rev. Jason Wells, Rector, Grace Church, East Concord and the Rev. Jon Hopkins, Pastor, Concordia Lutheran Church, Concord.

Ash Wednesday is marked by prayer and fasting in the Christian faith. To observe this holy day, ashes are placed on foreheads as a reminder of human mortality. “Ashes to Go” is about bringing spirit, belief, and belonging out from behind church doors, and into the places where we go every day.

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