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Back to School time…

As we begin a new school year, take a minute to say a little prayer for the kids that don’t fit in. The kids that come home in tears because they don’t understand why no one likes them, or they are over stimulated from everything around them and just can’t hold it together anymore. Pray for these kids who no one will talk to because someone else spread rumors that they said mean things about everyone else. The kids that don’t have the right clothes, haven’t gone to the right places, or think and act a little different. Right now, those kids dread heading back to school. Right now they are crying and begging their parents to let them stay home or go to a different school. Pray they know they are loved, pray they know they are special, and pray they find their tribe of friends. Copy, paste, and spread the love. Now is the time to tell your children to be nice and kind with the kids who are a little different. You will never know how much this can make a difference in someone’s life.
This one is worth spreading! #EncourageToleranceAndKindness

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