GSOP Immigration learning

Wednesday, May 10, 11am–1pm (lunch included)
Concordia Lutheran Church, 211 North Main Street

How will the Concord Faith Community respond to increased immigration enforcement and the targeting, detention and deportation of our immigrant brothers and sisters?

Come and learn what is happening across the state and in Concord to provide sanctuary and accompaniment; to stand in solidarity with our immigrant community!

RSVP Granite State Organizing Project, 668-8250

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Hirschfeld

February 2, 2017
Several clergy have shared with me a modest but noticeable increase in attendance at our churches since last November’s election.  If social commentators are correct, it may be that the painful and stark divisions within our culture are invitations for souls to seek community, connection, mutual support and healing in our parish churches. As it happens, I am writing this in a monastery where the guesthouse is full to capacity and includes persons of different generations (including young adults!), races, and genders.  Some of the monks have wondered if places like this will become more and more a refuge from a society pulling apart at the seams.  If so, monastic life will be brought to its original function in society, as we remember that the Saints Benedict and Scholastica founded their orders partly in response to the chaos that ensued during the fall of the Roman Empire. …

Steve Youngs: Rest in Peace

Former parishioner Steve Youngs died in a fire in his home in Webster on Saturday night.  The Youngs family were long-time parishioners of Grace-Concord. They transferred their membership to St. Andrew’s-Hopkinton in 2012.

“Greater love has no man than this, to lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).

Please keep his wife Susan and their daughters Thea, Nora and Merike in your prayers at this tragic time.

Steve’s funeral will be Tuesday, January 31 at 3 p.m. at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Hopkinton.

The Concord Monitor reported on the fire here.

A longer piece about Steve and his family is here.

Election Results

Annual Meeting, Sunday, January 22


Sheena Corbett, Clerk
Sharon Billingsley, Treasurer
Linda Regan
Vacant, Junior Warden

The Vestry’s next meeting will be Thursday, February 16, 7pm.

Diocesan Convention delegates

Sharon Billingsley (2nd term)
Chris Potter (1st term)
Steve MacDow (1st term)
Judy Wood, alternate (1st term)

The delegates will meet on Tuesday, February 21 at 7pm at Grace Church.

Miss the meeting? Download the Annual Report 2016 (PDF).

Volunteer needed: basketball coach for New Americans

From Deacon Johanna Young:

Concord’s New Americans have a high school basketball team! They are in danger of not playing for the first time in seven years due to lack of a coach. The former coach, Bob Wolfe, is over-committed and must step down.

Volunteers must be 21 years of age and must undergo the school’s background check and fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Can you volunteer? Contact Bob Wolfe at Community Rec. of Concord at 496-6150.