I am honored to be selected to lead the Renewal Works project at Grace East Concord.  This 13 week program involves a survey from everyone in our parish and then a series of workshops for the Renewal Works Team which will analyze the data and help guide us to a spiritual path for the church.    This will also help the search team greatly as they search for our new rector.

I will be emailing each day with a little cartoon to get your interest!    On Sunday 9/16 we will launch the survey at the Sunday service and answer all your questions!

In the meantime feel free to reply to me directly with your questions.     This on line survey will only take about 30 minutes of your time and will remain completely confidential.   Only the tallied results from everyone will be shared with Rev. Celeste and our Renewal Works team.

Renewal-Works Countdown: Day 20
Grace Episcopal Church will be taking the Renewal-Works on-line Spiritual Life Inventory to help us discover the spiritual needs and best growth possibilities in planning for our parish. You’ll receive daily cartoons and questions to start thinking about your spiritual life as we each get ready to individually take the inventory between September ­16 to September 30.  The 30–45 minute inventory is a great opportunity to listen and reflect on where your spiritual journey is right now. You’ll have two weeks to log on to take the inventory. Enjoy the cartoons on episcopal church life by Episcopal priest and Renewal-Works champion, the Rev. Jay Sidebotham.

Joe Rose


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