Pastoral care when you need it: Believe it or not, clergy are often the last to know if you or a loved one needs a call or a prayer.  Hospitals are no longer allowed to notify churches if someone has been admitted, and many church members hesitate to contact clergy when they hear of someone who might benefit from clergy attention.  So don’t assume that telling one member of the church means I’ll know about an important event in your life.  If you’re a little shy about contacting me directly, be sure to ask someone else to let me know.  And if someone tells you about a situation I might be able to help with, be sure to ask that person if they would like you to put me in touch.  Your, pastor, Celeste+

Sunday Parking: The vestry is asking you to keep the church driveway free for dropping off and picking up people who need a little help walking to the church.  We are asking an usher to be on hand to assist anyone being dropped off so the driver can park the car elsewhere.  A clear driveway will also improve access by emergency vehicles, if necessary.  Along the same lines, please avoid parking in the area in front of the church sign and mailbox, so that drivers who have trouble walking can use those spaces.

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