Pledge Commitments Coming In!

Yesterday we received 2015 pledge commitments in a special consecration service, singing and praying joyfully. So far we have 34 pledges totaling $62,261. Many people made the $2 or $5 per week increase that can get us to hiring a part-time administrator so we can keep our focus on God’s mission.

Still Time to Pledge

Missed out on yesterday’s celebration? We still need your support! Print this Pledge Certificate and bring it to church on Sunday, drop it in the mail or email it to the office.

Our Pledgers So Far

Adam Czarkowski
Andre and Lisa Garcia
Ann Bridge
Barbara Prinn
Betsie Stosse
Caroline Gardner
Charles & Sally Walker
Christine Sokol
Dave & Debbie Allen
Dave & Gail Barrett
Don & Carol Walczyk
Edward & Sharon Billingsley
Elizabeth Moser
Ellen Little
Fr. & Mrs. Harold Beliveau
Fr. Alan and Ericka Mackillop
Fr. Jason Wells
George & Carol Coronis
James & Janet Cumming
Jay Hendee
Joe & Audrey Rose
Judy Wood
Kate Ess
Kenneth & Louise Hazen
Lee Reinheimer
Lydia Wells
Margaret Perry
Mike & Michelle Gray
Pamela J. Olin
Randy & Susan Makee
Rob & Jen Holt
Scott Cumming
Sean Dugan
Sharon & Gerry Monroe
Shawn LaFrance
Thea Thacher
Tiffany and Stevyn Dodd
Tina Preston
Warren & Barbara Geissenger
Will & Barbara Ashworth

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